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Learn more about Res, the founder of Switzerland beyond Chocolate, and our mission to contribute to low-impact tourism here.

Hey, it’s Res! I founded Switzerland Beyond Chocolate in 2024 with the mission of becoming among the most trusted sites for travelers in Switzerland.

There are plenty of great sites for the main tourist hotspots in Switzerland. Very few sites actually talk about the lesser-known but at least as impressive activities and landscapes. Switzerland is a diverse country and has much more to offer than chocolate and cheese, although I would admit it’s not easy to resist a piece of Swiss milk chocolate;).

Hidden gems beyond the beaten track, although sometimes just minutes from major attractions, and tips on how to avoid the crowds and get a glimpse of the Swiss culture is what we mainly focus on. Here is what you will find on our site:

  • Guides and review articles on unique and stunning activities in Switzerland for individual guests with a focus on new or unknown excursions, restaurants, hotels, and much more.
  • Honest insights into the Swiss culture, history, and politics
  • Tipps & Tricks for travelers in Switzerland regarding accommodation, transportation, ect.

Facts about me

So, I guess my story begins back in 1995, when I was born in Lucerne, in central Switzerland. Growing up near Lucerne, life was pretty happy with my mom, dad, little brother, and a couple of budgies (no dogs were allowed, unfortunately).

Although I was very quiet and thoughtful as a kid, I loved playing with other kids in our family-friendly neighborhood and exploring new things. I got addicted to Harry Potter (typical for that generation, right?) and enjoyed playing Jembe (an African drum) and piano.

Fast forward to now, and I still love trying new things. I absolutely adore hiking and find great inner peace whenever I need a break from my daily life. And oh, have I should probably mention my passion for Padel. It’s a thrilling variation of tennis that always keeps me on my toes.

I think that’s all you need to know from me for now. If you still want to know more, here are some random facts about me.

Street dog named Poli

I am a proud”uncle” to a rescued street dog from Ungary named Polli. She visits me weekly for a walk and sometimes even joins me on my hikes and adventures.

View from Lake Trüebsee, near Engelberg

Lucerne region is not only my home but also my favorite region in Switzerland. It is very diverse, and you will find everything you could ask for. One of my personal favorite hiking spots is near Trüebsee, where this picture was taken.

Myself at Cape of Good Hope in Cape Town, South Africa

During my time as a flight attendant, have already and before, I have already checked off more than 30 countries from my travel bucket list. My favorite places so far are Cape Town, South Africa, and Vancouver, Canada.

Why I founded Switzerland beyond Chocolate

Before I founded Switzerland beyond Chocolate, I had gained more than ten years of experience in various positions within the Swiss tourism industry. Originally starting out as a waiter, I worked in multiple tourist establishments, from small family restaurants to five-star leading hotels in the world. I also worked as a flight attendant for Switzerland’s leading leisure carrier, Edelweiss Air, for a couple of years to bring Swiss hospitality to the world (and to travel to the world, of course:).

For the last couple of years, I worked as a project manager for the tourism marketing organization of Lucerne, where I worked closely with the national tourism organization and all major touristic partners in Switzerland. Primarily, my task consisted of coordinating and organizing media trips for local and international journalists. It was really interesting, and I got to meet so many interesting people and remember many great conversations and shootings.

Photo Shooting for a brazilian TV Show in Stans
Photo shooting for a Brazilian TV Show in Stans for my previous job

Despite all the fun I had at my job, building something myself that I would be ultimately in charge of and making strategic decisions I can full-heartedly stand behind has always been very appealing to me. I know that eco-friendly tourism with minimal negative impacts on the environment and local communities is becoming more and more important to many people, including myself. And I figured there are so many beautiful and authentic things to write about in Switzerland, so why not share them directly with the world?

Ultimately, Switzerland Beyond Chocolate enabled me to combine my expertise in tourism with website development and search engine optimization, which is a personal interest of mine. Since I completed my bachelor’s degree in tourism management in 2023, it was just the perfect time to start this exciting project. I hope you will find our articles and guides helpful, whether you are already in Switzerland or just starting your planning process.

Bachelor's degree in tourism management diploma
Diploma from tourism management degree
What makes us different from other travel blogs?

Don’t get me wrong: There are plenty of great content creators with good about Switzerland. During research, we categorized them into two main categories: International bloggers and local or expat bloggers.

International bloggers often have great content about mainstream touristic attractions and topics, but because they are not locals themselves, they often can’t give you much of an insider perspective or might miss out on attractions and offers that might not be as popular but also very interesting. A great example here are rail passes and train tickets. They would perhaps compare the Swiss Travel Pass, Half-fare card, and maybe some regional passes but miss out on other potentially interesting ticket types. In our fast-paced world, it is also much much harder for them to constantly update every single article and keep it relevant.

Local or expat bloggers often have insider experience; they understand the Swiss culture and also know about some hidden gems. But most of them have never worked in the tourism industry and might, therefore, not fully understand how the tourism industry works.

This is where we shine, combining the best of both worlds. Switzerland Beyond Chocolate stands out from other travel blogs primarily due to our authentic local perspective, delivered by native Swiss tourism experts with years of industry experience. We can not only cover articles from a content creator perspective but also as industry insiders who actually worked and gained experience for years and know exactly about common questions guests might have.

What we aim to achieve with Switzerland beyond Chocolate

It’s our goal to become the number one source of information for travelers in Switzerland who share our vision of sustainable tourism and are looking to dive deep into Switzerland’s culture, history, and nature. We aim to share and promote authentic experiences with minimal or no negative impacts and as many positive benefits for local communities and the environment as possible.

By steering the focus away from just clichéd attractions and delving into authentic, untapped activities, we aim to foster a more profound connection between travelers and the pristine landscapes, ultimately contributing to these communities’ sustainable growth and well-being.

To achieve our mission, we act on clear guidelines and principles and will always keep our audience in mind to provide helpful, detailed, and engaging content crafted by true local tourism experts. You can read our full editorial guidelines and get an overview of what we focus on with our content below.

In addition to the free resources on the blog, it is also our mission to grow a community of like-minded Switzerland enthusiasts looking to connect, share tips, ask questions, and get insider tips supporting each other in the best Switzerland travel community.


We encourage our readers to incorporate their own unique experiences and honest opinions. We are independent and will share the positive and negative sides.

Real-Live Expertise

Our writers are local tourism experts with the proper education to give you the inside scoop on the tourism industry. We also use reputable sources for our research and will tell you honestly if we are unsure about something.


The reviews and articles reflect the unbiased opinion of our authors. If we test activities, we usually pay for them ourselves. Should we collaborate in any way with a service provider (e.g., an invitation for a hotel stay, paid articles, etc.), we will disclose that openly in the article.

Up-To-Date articles

A lot of times, things like opening hours and ticket prices change quickly. We aim to update and improve our articles frequently to keep them relevant and factually accurate. Regarding the opening of new touristic establishments, we prioritize covering the ones with the highest relevance for our readers.

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