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Allegra, Bonjour, Buongiorno, Grüezi and Hello!

My name is Res Marty and I founded Switzerland beyond Chocolate. As a native 28-year-old Swiss guy, I am addicted to chocolate and love to hike and explore new places in Switzerland and abroad.

With more than ten years of experience in the tourism industry, I am well-versed in the Swiss travel industry. In the last few years, I have spoken with hundreds of visitors and supported countless journalists from major international magazines from around the globe.

When I launched this site, I didn’t just want to create another random travel blog but a site run by true experts with actual working experience. My vision is to contribute to low-impact tourism and enable you to truly experience Switzerland’s ideal combination of natural, cultural, and historical heritage and tourist sites.

If you need help planning your trip to Switzerland, getting insider tips from local experts, and learning more about my home country, you have come to the right place. I work hard to present the most helpful and updated guides and articles here.

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