Editorial Guidelines

At Switzerland Beyond Chocolate, we embark on a journey that transcends the conventional travel narrative, delving into the heart of one of the world’s most enchanting destinations. Our mission is clear: to stand as the preeminent travel guide dedicated to unraveling the myriad facets of Switzerland, going beyond the clichés, and diving deep into the soul of this captivating country.

Our commitment lies in being the leading authority on all things Swiss, offering a comprehensive and insightful guide that goes beyond the surface. From the majestic Alps to the serene lakes, from quaint villages to vibrant cities, Switzerland beyond Chocolate aspires to be the go-to platform for travel enthusiasts seeking an authentic and enriching experience in Switzerland.

What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to authenticity. We bring you firsthand experiences and insights from seasoned travelers and local tourism experts deeply rooted in the Swiss culture. Our unique selling proposition lies in the personal touch we impart to each piece of content—every article and every recommendation is infused with the essence of real encounters and genuine connections. As we explore Switzerland, we do so not as mere observers but as avid participants in its tapestry of traditions, landscapes, and lifestyles.

How we write articles and posts

Each and every article we publish is a unique and carefully crafted piece of content intended to give you the best value possible. Our goal is to present our content in an engaging and informative way. A user-friendly structure with customized images, graphics, tables, etc., is, therefore, something we always try to achieve. Besides that, our editorial process can be grouped into four phases: research, article writing, fact-checking, and updating.

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Before writing an article, we take into consideration various factors, such as the relevance for our audience, search volume, industry trends, openings of new attractions, and much more. The main focus is to provide you with insider tips and (yet) undiscovered hidden gems, but also have some great tips on how to avoid crowds in popular tourism destinations.

If the last visit to a specific location were a while ago, we would personally revisit to give relevant and accurate information, but often, our writers receive the best tips from our large network of friends, tourism professionals, or relatives across the country. The research phase also includes desk research, including the analysis of review platforms to get a more nuanced impression.

Article Writing

In some instances, we may AI tools to maximize our productivity in the writing process, but rest assured that we never publish anything without careful manual editing. Our editorial process for each and every article also includes a thorough review for factual accuracy. The intent of our article is to tell a story from personal experience. To never lose the ultimate goal of publishing helpful content out of mind is what our authors excel at.

Manual Review

Before we publish anything, each post is reviewed and fact-checked a second time. All of our editors are tourism experts with years of experience in the industry.

Updating Articles

Our work isn’t complete once the post is live. To keep our articles and posts relevant, we strive to update our articles every three to five months on average. We are also listening to you; please let us know if you have any comments, questions, or criticism.

Why You Can Trust Us

The approach of giving our readers insider travel tips and background context on cultural and historical aspects from native Swiss tourism experts is what makes us unique. We know the trust of our readers is our most important asset. Therefore, the top priority is to give our readers factual, accurate stories blended with our writers’ unique experiences and opinions.

You will find the values we keep in our minds when creating articles below:


We encourage our readers to incorporate their own unique experiences and honest opinions. We are independent and will share the positive and negative sides.

Real-Live Expertise

Our writers are local tourism experts with the proper education to give you the inside scoop on the tourism industry. We also use reputable sources for our research and will tell you honestly if we are unsure about something.


The reviews and articles reflect the unbiased opinion of our authors. If we test activities, we usually pay for them ourselves. Should we collaborate in any way with a service provider (e.g., an invitation for a hotel stay, paid articles, etc.), we will disclose that openly in the article.

Up-To-Date articles

A lot of times, things like opening hours and ticket prices change quickly. We aim to update and improve our articles frequently to keep them relevant and factually accurate. Regarding the opening of new touristic establishments, we prioritize covering the ones with the highest relevance for our readers.

Ads and Sponsored Posts and Partnerships on Switzerland beyond Chocolate

We believe that banner ads on our site have a negative impact on the user experience. That’s why we made the decision to keep our platform free of banner ads.

Sponsored posts, on the other hand, are a way for us to cover our expenses and provide you with valuable free content in the future. We define sponsored posts as such, if we receive a cash benefit from the collaboration. If a partner invites us or offers free tickets, without an added cash exchange, we don’t count that as a sponsored post. However, we will still disclose that in an info box within the respective article.

Sponsored posts are clearly marked as such with an added “sponsored” category tag. In addition we will also include an info box with a link to this editorial policy in the respective article. In accordance with Google guidelines, these sponsored posts will have “no-follow” and “sponsored” tags on any links pointing to the company we make these collaborations. Compared to other articles, the collaboration partners can actively decide, on the topics we write about. For example, if there are new attractions at a destination and the organization books a sponsored post, we may agree to focus on this new attraction in the article. Generally, sponsoring partners also have the opportunity to review the article draft before the publication date, and they may request small changes in some instances.

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